I am a knitting addict, and I have no intention of seeking treatment. How do I know that I’m addicted? Well, I always have a WIP (work in progress) – if I don’t, I feel anxious and have butterflies in my stomach until I have chosen something to work on. I feel triumphant completing a project, only to start knitting something else within the hour. My yarn stash is, umm, sizable – I have it divided across many boxes so it doesn’t seem so unreasonable. I have yarns that are definitely not stash-worthy, just because I can’t make myself throw away yarn (even if it was given to me and isn’t something I would have chosen). Yarn MUST be used!

So this year, I decided to start tracking my projects to see what I really accomplish, not that it matters if anything is truly accomplished – I knit!  That is enough.


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