I am a Sock Addict…

I admit it – I’m a sock knitting addict. Not that I NEED that many socks, but they’re so much fun to knit! My boys love hand knit socks, too, although they have a tendency to drop them in the laundry where Dad doesn’t see them… and then they’re felted and toddler-sized. This was my first pair of socks, so they’ve been worn quite a bit. They’re worsted weight, because I was intimidated by the idea of sock-weight yarns at the time. Despite being 100% wool and a little bit felted, they’ve worn like iron! They are more like slippers, but they wear well with clogs. P1010853 That success inspired these crazy beauties: P1010849 These knee high rainbow socks are incredibly warm and comfy! They aren’t great at staying up, though – they need a little drawstring or something at the top. They are for lounging anyway – they are too thick to be worn with most shoes – so it doesn’t matter much if they slide down… One of the more interesting socks I’ve knit – Reverso by Mary the Hobbit (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/reverso). The pattern is written for three sizes, and is definitely entertaining! I should have knit them in a more mellow yarn, though – you can’t really see the beauty of the design… and it doesn’t help that they’ve been worn and crumpled, so they’re not freshly blocked, ready to show off their loveliness. They look better on the foot. P1010851P1010855 Below is a detail of how the reversed socks look since my pictures are lousy: P1010856 And even more fun with socks… P1010854     P1010833 P1010850 P1010852 Most of these are riffs on my favorite overall pattern:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/vanilla-latte-socks. I’m a big fan of the eye of partridge heel, and I’m a sworn magic loop sock knitter, but not two at a time (because I’m too lazy to make two yarn cakes). Socks, socks, socks!


One thought on “I am a Sock Addict…”

  1. One of my favorite parts of sock knitting is watching the yarn to see how it’s going to pool or if the color is going to spiral up the leg. Socks are incredibly addictive to knit! I love all the beautiful sock pics!! 🙂

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