Luscious Purple Socks…

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend I finished sock 1 in between bouts of skiing and chores… A pretty productive weekend overall! Trying to get the most out of the last few weeks of skiing before the end of the season…

This lovely purple sock yarn came from a local wool festival – It’s a lovely way to spend a fall weekend! I’m looking forward to this year’s tour already (although I have some serious de-stashing to do first – hahaha!)

I took the stitch pattern from Hermione socks –, by Erica Lueder, but used the Vanilla Latte socks ‘template’ I’ve mentioned in previous posts… My photos don’t do the texture justice.



2 thoughts on “Luscious Purple Socks…”

  1. Love the socks and the color is FABULOUS! That’s my current favorite sock pattern. I do the same thing too… however I use the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern as my template for other patterns. Great minds think alike, huh?!!!


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