Am I the only one?

Just a quick query…

Am I the only one who accidentally knits shed long hairs into my projects? It happens regularly, and the biologist in me thinks, “Well, when they find this object thousands of years from now (ha), they’ll be able to run DNA testing and determine who made this”…

…and then I work to try to get them out (never fully successful, however).


2 thoughts on “Am I the only one?”

  1. No, your not the only one, that is why when I am crocheting or knitting my hair is up and back, same with being in the kitchen around food. I have long hair so when I brush/comb my hair, I go outside so hairs don’t get into the carpet and I can brush them off my clothing.

    I could never be a hairdresser…they are very special people…as are nurses….

    I saw a cartoon on FB the other day…it was a drawing of a heavy set woman in curlers, wearing a bathrobe with two long hairy legs slung over the bath tub and something in her hand to shave…caption was ‘Spring cleaning’. I told my mother I am so happy I had already eaten my dinner because had I seen that while eating….dinner would have been over! Lol!! It was just a cartoon, but disgusting.


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