My Little One’s MUST HAVE Mittens

Good morning!

Over the weekend I finished my lovely purple socks (which I love!) and my littlest one found a ball of yarn and told me he MUST HAVE mittens (he has several pairs of gloves and mittens already). Really? *haha*

So, here they are… now he wants a whole bodysuit! (ummm, maybe not, dear…). The colorway is a bit strange – it looks dirty in spots (at least to me). But given their purpose and who they are for, they’ll be dirty soon enough anyway!



Weekend Reading… The Complete Photo Guide to Felting

I borrowed this reference book from our local library and it is FABULOUS! It is on my “must add to my reference shelf” list, so I thought I’d share… It was far too much to absorb on a casual reading, and I can see referring to it again and again as I explore wool and natural fibers… A beautiful and useful resource!

Am I the only one?

Just a quick query…

Am I the only one who accidentally knits shed long hairs into my projects? It happens regularly, and the biologist in me thinks, “Well, when they find this object thousands of years from now (ha), they’ll be able to run DNA testing and determine who made this”…

…and then I work to try to get them out (never fully successful, however).

Luscious Purple Socks…

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend I finished sock 1 in between bouts of skiing and chores… A pretty productive weekend overall! Trying to get the most out of the last few weeks of skiing before the end of the season…

This lovely purple sock yarn came from a local wool festival – It’s a lovely way to spend a fall weekend! I’m looking forward to this year’s tour already (although I have some serious de-stashing to do first – hahaha!)

I took the stitch pattern from Hermione socks –, by Erica Lueder, but used the Vanilla Latte socks ‘template’ I’ve mentioned in previous posts… My photos don’t do the texture justice.


Another quick hat…


Happy Friday, All!

This pattern was quick and fun! The yarn I used wasn’t ideal (Elann Superwash Soft, I believe), but this was a stash buster hat anyway… The pattern is by Andrea Guldin and is available for free…

Most importantly, my son loves it and wears it all of the time, so it’s fulfilling its destiny!

Reference Shelf Book!

I recently picked up Gail Callahan’s Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece and it is a GREAT resource for a curious knitter to explore dyeing your own colorways! It is well written and approachable, and offers many different techniques and ideas. I had not given much thought to redyeing stash yarns that just “aren’t quite the right color anymore” – but I intend to try it soon!

This book is an excellent text to add to your reference shelf!