Noro Cardigan…

After a long respite from posting, here is my latest finished object…My apologies for the poor pictures.

I’ve had this yarn for some time, but struggled to pick a project for it. I’d wanted Noro yarn for so long because of the gorgeous colorways… This is Noro Furisode, and as seems to be a common complaint, it had more knots than I would have liked and the joins were drastic color changes. However, the pattern I picked was pretty tolerant of that, so I didn’t worry too much about it… The pattern is Iced by Carol Feller: I think it would be a bit nicer with the yarn specified by Carol, but I’m still pleased with the end result. The pattern is lovely – I will make this one again!

P1020063 P1020060 P1020057


A very quick knit…

Last week I made a CRAZY thick and warm sweater (0-456 Knitted Sweater on Ravelry – creative name!… We ran out of firewood for the year (and the road is really too muddy to get more right now) so we’re just using oil heat, which doesn’t quite keep the home warm… so when I’m really cold, I can don this!IMG_0716